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Revision of Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives


Have a look at the PowerPoints below to help you revise before completing the set work.

Then post your finished piece on Seesaw.

Don't forget to use the pods I have set up on nouns, verbs and adjectives on Studyladder. 

Punctuation Revision


Next you will be revising the punctuation we have covered so far - 

1.Capital letters

2.Full stops

3.Question marks



Remember the fun game we played in class when we added a silly sound to each of them? 

The most important thing in this activity is not to rush. 

When you're finished I have set up activity pods in Studyladder for you try.



In the Literacy lesson today, you will need to have a go at the comprehension set in your pack. Read the text and then answer the questions in your work book. Remember to use full sentences and don't forget to STEAL words from the question to help you form your answer.


Keep up the good work everyone!

Powerful Adjectives


Today you are going to look at powerful adjectives.

Remember an adjective is a describing word.


Check out the PowerPoint below before you begin your task.

When you have completed the activity have a look at the pod on adjectives in Studyladder.



Now it is time for some -

Super Quiet Uninterrupted Individual Reading Time


Relax and read. 


Thank you to everyone who has posted their pictures or videos of them reading on Seesaw.