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Jack sold his cow in exchange for beans. Do you know how a bean grows?

Read the 'Life cycle of a bean' passages below and then complete one of the comprehension tasks to check your understanding.


Remember to;

*Read the text carefully

*Find the evidence in the text for each answer

*Use words from the question and the text in your answer.

*Write your answer in full sentences.

Shared Read- Jim and the beanstalk - Comprehension/ Listening Task

It's Jim this time and not Jack! And what about the giant? Things aren't going so well for our giant... A fun and engaging re-telling of the original folklor...
No recording required

Before reading
What is the title of the book?
Which characters can you see on the front cover?
Who might the little girl be? What might she be doing?
What sort of book might it be?
Who is the author/illustrator?

Pages 1-3
Which word on page 1 means the same as ‘big’ or ‘huge’?
What might Jim be thinking and feeling when he sees the plant outside his window?
Do you think it is sensible for Jim to climb the plant?

Pages 4 and 5
Why do you think the illustrations on these pages are in black and white? What impact does it have?

Can you think of three words to describe the plant?
Pages 6 and 7
What does Jim see when he reaches the top of the plant?
Jim hopes they have toast for breakfast at the castle. True or false?

Pages 8 and 9
Why do you think Jim waits a long time for the door to open?
Why does the giant say that Jim is safe from him?

Pages 10 and 11
What does the giant have for breakfast?
Why can’t the giant read his poetry books?

Pages 12 – 15
Why doesn’t the giant understand what glasses are? 
Why and how does Jim measure the giant’s head?

 Pages 16 – 19
What does the giant give Jim for the glasses?
What do you think Jim’s mother might be thinking and feeling when she sees Jim with the gold coin?

What is an ‘oculist’?
Can you explain the joke ‘the oculist could hardly believe his eyes’ to someone?
How do you think Jim will get the glasses to the giant? 

Pages 20 – 25
What might the people on the street be thinking and feeling when they see Jim with the glasses?
Why do you think the giant wants sharp teeth?

Pages 26 – 29
What might the dentist be thinking and feeling when he sees the gold coin?
Explain how we know that the giant is pleased with his new teeth

Pages 30 – 35
The giant used to have dark black hair before he went bald. True or false?
Who do you think Jim will go to for the new wig?
Can you think of three words to describe the giant’s new wig?
With the wig on, the giant thinks he looks a hundred years younger. True or false?
Can you find and copy a word on page 34 that means the same as ‘smiling’?
Read to the end of page 35. What do you think the giant will do next?

Pages 36 – 38
Find and copy a word on page 38 that means the same as ‘grabbing’.
The giant sends Jim a ‘Thank You’ letter but there are a lot of mistakes. Can you correct them?

Grammar /Punctuation

Follow the rules for using speech marks to write the words spoken out in sentences.


  • Each new character's speech starts on a new line.

  • Speech is opened with speech marks.

  • Each line of speech starts with a capital.

  • The words spoken end with a comma, exclamation mark or question mark.

  • How is it said and who said it e.g. shouted John.

  • A full stop goes at the end.


"You'll never guess what I've just seen!" said Sam, excitedly.
"What's that?" asked Louise.









If they could speak what would they say and to who? Write either using speech bubbles like text messages or reinforce your use of speech marks.  This will also help with next week’s creative writing.


Jack                                   Jack’s Mother                       Daisy- The cow                     The stranger  The Giant                         The Giant’s wife                           The harp                             The hen




This week's writing task is to complete your own comic strip based on the Jack and the Beantstalk story. Take a look at an example of a Jack and the Beanstalk comic strip below.


What is a comic strip? 

Take a look at the powerpoint below to find out the features of a comic strip.

How to complete your comic strip.

First choose one of the following ways to make your comic strip.


Option 1

*ICT- Create your own comic strip online. (further guidance is given below on this)

Option 2

*Use the comic strip pictures included in the word document below. 

Option 3

*You may wish to create your own comic strip from scratch. We know you can be very creative!


For all options please include;

*Captions for the narrator

*Speech bubbles to show what the character is saying


Extra Challenge

*Can you include a scream, broadcast, thought or whisper bubble?

If you choose Option 1

1. Click on the link below. A tool bar will appear at the top. This is where you will find all you need to create your comic strip.

2. Start with the mythical and futuristic tab (top right).



2. Add as many scenes (add/delete cells button) as you like by using the toolbar at the bottom of the page


3. Next add your characters. Think about all the characters in the story. Include as many as you can. You can edit these.

4. Then add ‘textables’. Here is were you will add your speech bubbles, thought bubbles and comic strip style bubbles.