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More on Homophones


This week we are going to learn a little more about Homophones.

Remember Homophones are words that have the same sound and a different spelling/meaning,

for example, blue/blew.

Before you begin the task on Monday please have a look at the PPT below and watch the video to refresh your memory.


In your task today you have to complete each sentence given by choosing the correct version of the word given in the brackets. The words that you need to choose from include- 

1. here/hear

2. blue/blew

3. pail/pale

4. heel/ heal

5. night/knight

6. boy/buoy

7. rode/road

8. weigh/way

Homophones Continued...


On Tuesday we are going to revisit homophones.

Remember they are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have a different meaning.


In your task today you will need to read each sentence carefully and find the wrongly spelt words. There are 2 in each sentence. Underline these words as you go and then write the correct spelling above each word. If you get stuck remember to use a dictionary to help you.

Homophones chart

Christopher Columbus Facts


On Wednesday we are all going to find out about Christopher Columbus.


You will need to read the non-fiction text from your pack titled - Explorers - Christopher Columbus.

When reading the passage I want you to locate some interesting facts about him and highlight those points as you go.


Finally you will need to pick four of those facts and rewrite them using your own words. Complete this in the circles of the sheet provided and then you can colour the picture when you have finished the task.

Who is Columbus?

Christopher Columbus Comprehension


I know sometimes motivation can dip in these types of activities but please just remember the steps we take in class to make it easier - 


1. Read the comprehension yourself.

2. Read the comprehension with an adult if possible.

3. Look at the first question and establish what you are looking for.

4. Highlight the answer in your passage.

5. Write your answer using a full sentence - remember to steal part of your answer from the question.

6. Check your sentence  - capital letters, full stops etc.

7. Now move onto number 2.


You have already completed facts on Christopher Columbus so hopefully that will help you today.



It is that time of the week again when I ask you to stop and enjoy some reading.

Super Quiet Uninterrupted Individual Reading Time

If you can take a photo or video and post it on Seesaw that would be lovely.



*Don't forget you can use EPIC! for free. It includes some audio books too.

The class code is on our Seesaw. 


*If you would like to borrow a school book please let me know through email or Seesaw.