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Friday 12th

Literacy - upload to Seesaw

Design a Poster about Emperor penguins. 


  •   Short notes

  • Find information on each of the areas: Where in the World, Habitat, Diet, Appearance, Adaptations 

  • Labelled diagram

Examples of Animal Fact posters


Capacity and Volume

Task 1

  • Find different 5 containers (saucepans, glasses, egg cups…)
  • 1 container with a volume of 1litre (1000millilitres) e.g. juice bottle
  • Place them in order from least capacity to greatest capacity using your estimation skills.
  • Now, test if you were correct by filling the litre container and pouring the contents into the other containers in turn.



Which container had the closest capacity to ½ litre (500millilitres).

Which container had the closest capacity to ¼ litre (250 millilitres).


Task 2


Consider the smallest container. Use a medicine spoon to measure the capacity of it.


Penguin Tangram Art

Carefully cut out the shapes from one of the squares in the pack. Rearrange the shapes without any overlaps to create a shape that resembles a penguin. 

There are outlines in your pack. Try to move, flip and rotate the shapes given to fill the outline.