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Here is the template for your P7 Goals Bunting.


I know we have barely started to plan these, but I'm sure you had some ideas already about what to write!


Don't forget to set yourself 3 sensible goals for this year. Then below, write down the steps you can take to help you achieve them.


E.G.     Goal 1 - to improve my times tables.

           Steps to achieve it - practise a new set every night; play useful

           games like "Hit the Button"  etc...


Make sure once you have written down your goals and steps, that you decorate your bunting with lots of colours / drawings / designs. Please use colouring pencil so we can still see the writing!


**I'm not sure if this image can be printed from here, so hopefully you can have a go at drawing it out yourself! (A4 page size.)

P7 Goals Bunting