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Home Read Selfie


We hope you are continuing with your home reads. Reading is a great way to relax and it can help to take your mind off things. 


We'd love to know what you are reading. This week, we'd like you to email us a selfie of you with your current home read novel, or a favourite book that you own. You can also send us a photo of just your book if you prefer. 


Here are some photos that we have already received. Email us your photo and we will upload them too :-) 

Picture 1 Kyle
Picture 2 Harry
Picture 3 Blake
Picture 4 Ben
Picture 5 Carly
Picture 6 Katie
Picture 7 Jake
Picture 8 Muskaan
Picture 9 Leyla
Picture 10 Mysha
Picture 11 Kayran
Picture 12 Kiera
Picture 13 Jamie
Picture 14 DJ
Picture 15 Kerry
Picture 16 Paige
Picture 17 Gonzo
Picture 18 Gonzo (with Sam & Ben)
Picture 19 Mr Bradley