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Task 1

 How to make a bird feeder

(This will help to encourage the birds for your bird survey.)

Task 2

A celebration of local artist James Kelly's vintage style poster art.

Watch out for a few places you might recognise, then let's embrace his striking style and create our own masterpieces using any medium of your choice.

Elements of Art, Beginners Drawing Course 4, By Silly Kids

Let's learn about the basic elements of Art to allow us to look at James Kelly's art in a more informing way.

Discuss James' use of Line, Space, Colour, Shape, Texture, Form in his piece of art below, 'Scrabo'. 



Task 3

Inspired by birds: Classical Music Appreciation

Have a discussion about each piece or simply listen and enjoy. 

Vaughan Williams- The Lark Ascending

Listen to this beautiful piece of classical music.

What did you hear?; What instruments in particular produced the sound you heard? Did any of the instruments stand out to you?
• How did the music make you feel? Why?
• What did you think about as you listened to this music?
• Do any stories come to mind from your listening?
• After listening to the music, ask “If you were writing the script for a movie using this music, what might the movie be about?”
• Does this music remind you of anything in your life?
• What word best describes this music?
• If the composer were to write a different ending to this piece, how might it sound?
• Would you recommend this piece of music to a friend?

Claudia Winkleman introduces Stravinsky's The Firebird

Task 4 - Birdsong 

Can you identify any birds by their song? 

Forest Birdsong - Relaxing Nature Sounds

Relax with the pure sound of birds singing.