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Holland Day 2

Day 2: Another fun packed day in Valkenburg! After breakfast at 8 a.m. this morning, everyone set off on what was yet another bright and sunny day (22 degrees) to begin a very full itinerary. A short walk took the children to explore the caves where they saw statues, art work and a finale of a light show with cool music to finish the trip off. The trip through the caves is in pitch darkness, so the light show at the end allows the children to play hide and seek in a safe area and get accustomed to light again. Next on the agenda was a shopping spree, where apparently some purchasing of gifts/souvenirs for home happened along with plenty of ice cream and slushies to help cool down from the heat of the sun. After shopping, a picnic lunch was devoured in the park. The next stop was the Margraten War Cemetery, where the children’s behaviour was impeccable, as they walked quietly around, showing great respect and having great historical discussions. The children were an absolute credit to all. Following the cemetery, the children thoroughly enjoyed walking from the Netherlands, into Belgium, and then into Germany - the famous point where the three countries meet!!! For the first time the children went up to the viewing platform, 200 steps up to witness Holland from its highest point. The steps have some holes in them which makes the ascent quite a mental challenge for some. A little play in the park was in order afterwards where most children got covered in sand, but sure that's the sign of good fun...isn't it? Having worked up a good appetite with all the walking they had done, the group arrived back to the hotel for dinner. The very full and exciting day was rounded off with a game of 10pin bowling this evening followed by the writing of postcards for home, so keep an eye on those letterboxes over the next week. All are now relaxing before getting a good sleep for another jam packed day tomorrow ...which I'm told involves some swimming....and a guaranteed shower and washing of hair....phew! All children (and staff) are in great form and lots of fun and laughter is being had.