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Holland Day 1

Day 1: Everyone has arrived safely in Holland after a very smooth flight and early landing. As you read this, the children are writing their diaries and about to settle in for the night! Stop one today was the buzzing city of Amsterdam. The highlight of today was a visit to Ajax Stadium in Amsterdam. The boys were thrilled seeing the football stadium in full glory, some of the girls....not so much. This was until they saw a poster telling them Ed Sheeran was playing in the stadium next month. Suddenly there was an avid interest in the tour. Leaving Amsterdam, the children and staff arrived in Valkenburg to a warm welcome at the hotel. The children were treated to a BBQ for dinner and entertained by a Turkish band during dinner. It appears to be a holiday weekend in Holland this weekend, so the hotel is full of buzz and plenty of atmosphere. Following dinner, the children and staff went on an hour walk around the town to take in some of its highlights. The weather is great and this evening’s walk was completed in t-shirts, shorts and sunglasses. Now it’s diary writing time and straight to bed. An early night is needed to recharge the batteries for all the thrills and excitement in store tomorrow including a 8:15 a.m. breakfast start. A busy day awaits the group tomorrow which includes a visit to the caves, where 3 countries meet and most importantly.....some shopping. 😊