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Final day in Valkenburg

Final day in Valkenburg! The group woke today to glorious Dutch sunshine and finally the children had the opportunity to wear their shorts and T-shirts and adorn the shades for their final day in Holland. The last day did not disappoint and saw the group tackle yet another very busy day. Today saw the sightseers off to Agogo where the children enjoyed the breath-taking views from the chairlift, followed by the thrill of the roller coaster ride on the bobsleigh toboggan run. Yet again, every child impressed the staff as they all paired up to go on the chair lift. At the top was where the real fun began. Each child was able to choose his/her own speed with the brake, and slide down the mountain, where they then got the draglift back up to the starting point again. It was a slow start for many, with some children remaining stationary at times until they were given a gentle push downwards by their fellow classmates coming down the slope behind them. By the end of the morning, all children were flying down the metal slopes at great speeds. Mr Bradley describes the toboggan every year as a baking tray with wheels.....I’m not convinced on that one but the children had a ball. Following their thrilling morning, the group went shopping. Lots of sweets, chocolates and presents were purchased today as the children tried to spend their remaining Euros. The group had a lovely time exploring the town in the sunshine, eating ice-cream and drinking slushies. After a picnic lunch in the square, it was off to Kinderstadt Heerlen for yet more adrenalin inducing action! Kinderstadt, I am told, is like Indianaland times 10 – with dodgems, ball pits, an indoor log flume, rollercoasters, trampolines and a giant rubber volcano. I am told that all children made it to the top in their bare feet, however the real challenge is trying to get to the top in their socks.....a few succeeded...including Mrs Brown. The children had a super afternoon with only one downfall.....the soles of their feet are as black as can be. I am told that there will be a foot inspection this evening before bedtime.... rather them than me.  With an enormous appetite worked up, it was back to the hotel for a dinner of burgers and chips. Following dinner the children then went to Laser quest in the darkness of the caves with the added extra of a smoke machine this year making it very atmospheric. The children were put into groups and Mr Bradley is devastated that he was beaten by the two Jacks- Well done boys. Sounds like yet another amazing day and a great end to a very successful trip! The hotel staff have been very welcoming to the children and couldn't do enough to ensure that they have all felt at home and well looked after. They even gave out a prize for the cleanest and tidiest room this evening. The teaching staff have also had continuous remarks on the impeccable manners and behaviour of the children everywhere they have been in Valkenburg and today was no exception. It must make you feel proud knowing YOUR children are being so well complimented on their behaviour and manners...I know it makes us proud. It's an early night tonight as 5 a.m. will come very early in the morning when all children will be made to shower (whether they want to or not) before departing the hotel after having breakfast and making their packed lunch for the airport. 

Congratulations to Mr. Bradley, Miss Seaton, Mrs Galway and Mrs Brown for making Valkenburg 2019 such an amazing and memorable experience for the P.7 children. Just one more sleep parents.....get those beds ready and their favourite meal prepared for dinner tomorrow night. We wish them a safe journey home and PLEASE don’t forget to pick them up from the airport tomorrow.