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Art Challenge: Poppy Field By Vincent Van Gogh

Your Art Challenge this week is to recreate Van Gogh's masterpiece 'Field of Poppies' using a medium of your choice. You can be as creative as you want; collage, Lego, hama beads, paints, colouring pencils. Inspire is with your creativity and remember to email us a photo so we can show all your friends your masterpiece. smiley

Design a VE Day medal using symmetry

Using what you have learnt about symmetry this week (from videos in the maths section and on Studyladder), we would like you design your own symmetrical VE Day medal. Read the fact sheet and use the templates below to create your design. 


Dance Challenge: Learn how to Swing Dance! | DANCE at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! Grab a partner and twirl around with this upbeat dance epidemic of the 40s in DANCE!. Learn 5 other iconic ...


Drama/ Writing

As we come to the end of our topic of WW2 let’s take some time to think about what we have learned.  Write a few sentences about your highlights and send us a video of you sharing them. Feel free to dress up or do some role play to get into the spirit.
Thanks very much everyone. You’re doing brilliantly.