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Weekly Tables

Weekly Tables 25.05.20 


We would like you to focus on money this week as your mental We have also given you a new Weekly Mental Maths written activity sheet to complete. 

The first focus is to revise changing pennies into pounds and vice versa using a pound sign.   

The second focus is to practise finding change from £1.


Written Mental Maths


Usually in the Summer Term, we would give you some extra Mental Maths work to do at home to revise lots of the things you have learned during P5. We are going to start uploading these each week for you to try. Make sure only to do one section per day (the days are above each section). Give it a try before you ask for some help and if you're unsure of any of your Maths words, maybe you could look them up yourself to find the meaning. 

Focus 1 – Counting coins and Changing pennies into pounds and vice versa 


Why don’t you practice adding up coins? Click the picture to get taken to the link and give it a go. Choose the Counting and 6 coins option.

Ask someone at home to quiz you on changing pennies into pounds and vice versa writing with a pound sign.


E.G. - £3.45 = 345p        £8.09 = 809p            £0.67 = 67p

         708p = £7.08         35p = £0.35              1267p = £12.67

Practise your skills here: http://www.snappymaths.com/counting/decimals/interactive/penceandpounds/penceandpounds.htm


Focus 2 – Finding change from £1

Finding change from £1 is just subtraction from 100. Practice this with someone at home. You can also practise using this link and choosing £1.