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Weekly Tables

Weekly Tables 04.05.20 


We would like you to focus on two areas for your weekly tables this week. 

The first focus is to continue to practise your multiplying tables. We know you have been working SO hard on these throughout P5, however we also know that you need consistent practise of these to ensure you can recall these quickly and accurately at all times. 

The second focus this week is to continue to practise compass points and turning as your mental maths this week. smiley

Focus 1 - Continue to practise your tables!

Click on the pictures below which will take you to three popular games we like to play in P5 to help practise times tables. Try to challenge yourself to focus on those tables you know you're not too quick and accurate with...perhaps x7/8/9? Remember that practice makes perfect and we need to keep practising our tables ALL the time!

Focus 2 - Turning and compass points 

We would like you to think about the work you completed in Numeracy last week. Get someone at home to ask you questions on turning:

For Example:

* If you are facing North and turn 1/4 turn anti-clockwise. Where do you end up?

* If you are facing West and turn 90 degrees to the left. Where would you be facing? 


Could you extend these further and challenge yourself...remember the 8 points of the compass and the angle between each is 45 degrees. 

* If you are facing NE and turn 45 degrees clockwise. Where do you end up?

* If you are facing S and turn 135 degrees anti-clockwise. Where do you end up?