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Week beginning 22nd June


Well boys and girls, this is your last week of homeschooling and your last official week as P1's! We are so sad that we don't get to spend this week with you and say a proper goodbye before the summer but we promise that we will come and see how you're getting on in your new class in September! 


We want to say thank you for all your hard work over the last few months...you really are all superstars and we're very proud of you!! Also, we'd like to say a HUGE thank you to all you mums and dads for taking on the role of teacher for the last 12 weeks! We really appreciate your support and thank you especially for all the emails and photos that kept us up to date! 


***PLEASE NOTE: End of year reports and transitional information from next year's teacher can be collected at school on Monday 29th June 9.30-12 noon.***


We hope you enjoy the activities we've set this week...some fun things to do before the summer holidays! 


Let's practise our pattern making! 


Remember...a pattern is like taking turns when playing a game! Eg. First red, then blue, then green, then yellow. Once everyone has had a turn then its back to the start! A pattern could go on forever!


Have a go at this online game to practise, (click on the picture) and then have a go at the worksheet which can be printed below or found in your pack!




Summer writing  


Hopefully you have been practising your handwriting a little each day. Use these summer writing practise sheets to show us your lovely writing! Draw us a picture to show what the sentences say. Maybe you could come up with your own sentence!



Show us your amazing addition!  


Practise your addition sums with this fun online activity. Click on the picture to go to the game.



Once you've practised, use this 'cool' ice lolly page to show us your amazing addition skills! 



Stay safe in the sun!  


It is very important that we look after ourselves when it's hot and sunny outside! The sun can hurt our skin and even make us feel sick if it's very hot. There are some things we must do to stay safe when we're outside.


Watch the video below and learn how to stay safe in the sun! 


Now have a go at this worksheet - cut and stick the items that will keep you safe in the sun!



Super summer syllables  


Do you remember what a syllable is? Check out the video below to remind you!


Have a go at this summer syllables worksheet now.



Sandcastles and pinwheels!  


Use the worksheets below, or from your pack, to get creative! Cut and stick to decorate your sandcastle and then use the pattern to make your very own pinwheel!



Here's what you need to do to complete our challenge!

1. Write each letter of the alphabet on a little piece of paper.

2. Go on a phonics hunt around your house to find an object that begins with every letter!

3. Remember the object must begin with the SOUND that we've learnt, not just the letter!


So for example:

for s you can have sock but not shoe, salt but not sugar!

for i you can have iguana but not ice-cream, insect but not iron!

for g you can have goat but not giraffe, grapes but not gingerbread!


Here's an example of the beginning of the alphabet to give you some ideas...

a - apple

b - bracelet

c - clock

d - doll

e - elephant

f - feather

g - grapes

h - horse






GOOD LUCK! Send us a photo of your completed challenge!