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Week beginning 1st June

Hi boys and girls. This week we are going to be thinking about


**Please remember you don’t have to print everything. You can use any of the worksheets provided as a guide to copy into your book from your pack**


 There are lots of different types of transport. This week we are going to think about types of transport that you would find on land. Can you think of any? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Why don’t you try to make a list of all the types of transport you can think of that you would see moving on land? Ask a grown up to help you write your list or you could make a picture list by drawing each vehicle. How many did you get?

The story this week is The Hundred Decker Bus By Mike Smith.

The Hundred Decker Bus by Mike Smith.mov

Still image for this video

In the story the same people got on the bus every day. There was the man with the huge red tie, the lady with the pram and the noisy children. Can you think of any other people who might have got on the bus every day? Maybe there was a man with a big black briefcase, a girl with a box of cupcakes or a boy with a crocodile in a cage!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Use your imagination to think of another person who got on the bus every day. Maybe you could draw it on this page and ask a grown up to help you finish the sentence.      

Let’s get building!                                                                                                                       Can you remember how many decks were on the bus at the end? Why not try to build your own bus. You could use Lego, Duplo, or why not even use empty boxes from the recycling. How many decks will your bus have? If you use boxes don’t forget to decorate them to show what was on each deck. Remember one of the decks on the bus even had a swimming pool! We can’t wait to see your pictures.

Traffic Survey                                                                     If we had been in school we would have walked carefully to the school gate with clipboards and pencils to do a road survey. If we get a dry day this week maybe you could ask a grown up to stand with you in the front garden or on your footpath and do a road survey. Carefully count the vehicles that go by and record what you see. Here are some worksheets to help you get started. You could make a tally of everything you see and then make it into a pictogram when you get back inside.

I Spy                                                                                                          

Can you spot all the vehicles on the page? Remember to count carefully.


Some cars need to be parked in the correct spaces. Look carefully at the numbers or shapes on the cars.

Can you remember your number bonds to 10? Have a go at the number bonds bus.


Can you find the beginning sound for each vehicle? Make the puzzles to spell the names of the vehicles (there are a lot so don’t feel you have to print them all).

Time to draw                                                                    

Have you ever tried to draw any vehicles. Follow the instructions to draw a car or a train. Don’t forget to send us a photo of your drawing.