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Week beginning 18th May

 This week we are going to be thinking about

 Flowers and seeds 




**While there are worksheets provided, if unable to print, copy a simplified version in to your child's book that was provided in their pack.**

  First, have a listen to this story about Sam who wanted to grow his

     very own flower.

Sam Plants a Sunflower by Kate Petty

Do you remember where the seeds of the sunflower are? That’s right, there are hundreds of seeds right in the middle! When the sunflower dies, its seeds will fall to the ground and some of them will grow in to another sunflower! 

 Have a go at creating your own sunflower masterpiece! You can

     create it in any way you want! You could PAINT it, CUT it, COLLAGE 

     it, PRINT it or even make it out of PlayDoh! Don't forget to send us a

     picture when you're done! Here are some examples you might like to

     look at!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


 Put these pictures in to the correct order to show how a flower

     grows from a seed.

     If you are unable to print the page, perhaps you could draw simple pictures of each step in your book.


 Can you remember the names for all the parts of the plant? See if

     you can put the labels in the correct place.

     Use the page below or draw and label in your book.


 A plant or flower needs certain things to help it grow - can you

     remember what they are?


     Watch a short video here if you're not sure: 

     Then complete the page below or draw in your book the things a

     plant needs.


 Have a go at writing the numbers that come before and after on

     this sunflower page! Work hard to get your numbers formed the

     right way!


 Can you remember your number bonds to 10? 


Watch these videos to remind you:

I Can Say My Number Pairs 10 - Jack Hartmann

Farmer Pete song with animation by Sunshine Class pupils aged 5 years


 Practise your number bonds with this online activity. Select the door

     with number 10.

       Click  to play!




 Now have a go at this number bonds activity. Match the flowers to

     the pots - they must always make 10!


 Flowers grow in Spring. We see lots of other things in Spring too.

     See if you can colour the beginning sounds for each of these things

     you might see.


 Last idea! Can you use your imagination to come up with an amazing

     and original flower?

  • What colour will it be? It could be lots of different colours!
  • How many petals does it have and what shape are they?
  • Does it have a special smell...like bubblegum?
  • Does it have any special features..like at night the petals glow? 


Be as creative as you can, and don't forget to send us a picture so we can hear all about it! smiley