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Water Topic



This week's topic focus is a little bit of Science. We'd like you to focus on the dissolving aspect of water and what it means to dissolve things.


You should have a dissolving worksheet in your Water Home Learning Pack, however we have attached a worksheet on this page which you can use to guide your experimenting. Maybe you've already completed this? If so, can you experiment and investigate with other things in your house to see if they dissolve or not?


Have some fun and email your teacher with some photos of your experiments. Also, don't forget to clean up afterwards or someone at home will not be happy! laugh

Dissolve Song

A fun song I wrote for my science classes to help introduce the concept of dissolving solids in water (salt and sugar). LYRICS: I like to dissolve things, Ju...

Do you want to find out all about dissolving?

Do you think you know all there is to know about dissolving? Have a look at these extra videos and there is also an interactive game you can play.








We hope you enjoyed your time this week being scientists and experimenting with dissolving items in your house. Perhaps you could extend your thinking and think about how you might be able to speed up or slow down dissolving and predicting more items in your house which may or may not dissolve?