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Tuesday 23rd


Using the present tense form of the verb 'to be'


Please see video in Seesaw. Continue in your subtraction booklet. You should be able to attempt all types now.

Remember to show your working out. 

Topic/ WAU

Deserts and their inhabitants around the world.

Locate and label the deserts around the world on the map template in your pack. Illustrate which animals live where similar to the picture shown. 


Use Kiddle to help you find out some information and/ or use the video links below. 

Deserts 101 | National Geographic

Deserts are diverse ecosystems that occur on all seven continents. Learn about the four major types of deserts, the surprising amount of wildlife some of the...

Top 5 Animals Living In Extreme Climates | BBC Earth

From the icy plains of Alaska to the unforgiving Sahara desert, animals all over the world display incredible adaptations to the most hostile conditions.Subs...