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Topic lesson 1


Design a coat of arms for your family! A coat of arms is a unique design painted on a shield. These designs may be inherited, meaning they pass on through a family. Each symbol on the coat of arms will represent something that has important meaning to the family/person.

Have a look at these designs if you need some inspiration.

Topic Lesson 2


Paul Klee Castle Art

Paul Klee used lots of different 2D shapes to create his artwork. Have a look at his image and try to recreate your own! Again I would love you to send through photographs of any finished artwork, my email is scalvert387@c2kni.net.

Have fun and enjoy being creative!

Topic Lesson 3


Have a go at matching the pieces of armour on to the knight!

Topic Lesson 4


Enjoy listening to some medieval music!



Medieval Instrumental Music - Medieval Life

Medieval music that will take you back to the times of kings and queens, knights and blacksmiths.

Topic Lesson 5


Watch Barnaby Bear as he has a tour around Edinburgh Castle. Can you remember some of the different parts of the castle? How did castles keep people safe? Have a think about these questions while you are watching and try to answer them after the video!