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Topic Focus: Ancient Egypt

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The Plagues of Egypt and What have you learned?



The Plagues of Egypt


This week we’d like you to spend some time thinking about the story of Moses in The Bible. When Moses first came before Pharaoh, he had Aaron, his brother, throw down a staff as directed by God and it turned into a serpent. Pharaoh was not impressed since his magicians could reproduce the same trick. That's when the plagues began. Aaron again used the staff to strike the Nile River, and it turned to blood! Pharaoh would not be moved. The second miracle was a plague of frogs. Imagine so many frogs everywhere that they crawled into your house, your oven, your bed, even on you! When it was over there were some mighty stinky piles of frogs around, yuck! Pharaoh still would not let them go.

It took many more miracles in Egypt before Pharaoh was convinced. Have a look at the following video and PPT to learn about the 10 plagues of Egypt. Afterwards you can complete the Ten Plagues of Egypt Wheel craft.

The Prince of Egypt (1998) - The 10 Plagues Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

The Prince of Egypt - The 10 Plagues: Rameses' (Ralph Fiennes) refusal to free the Israelites leads Moses (Val Kilmer) to unleash plagues upon Egypt. BUY THE...

Topic Focus Worksheet

Your Final Egyptian Challenge!

This week would have been our final week looking at our topic of Ancient Egypt.


Maybe you’ve spent lots of time thinking about the topic. If so, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to so don’t forget to send your teacher some photos of your Ancient Egyptian tasks you have been completing at home.


What we’d really love you to do this week is to think about the whole topic of Ancient Egypt. At the end of a topic in school we usually think about our KWL and focus on what we have learned from the topic.


We would LOVE to hear from you and would LOVE you to record a video message for us. It shouldn’t be a long video but maybe one sentence about something you have learned or enjoyed from our topic of Ancient Egypt. Record your video message and email this to your teacher by Friday 26th June at 3 p.m. or we can’t guarantee you’ll make it onto the main video. I’m sure you are all missing your friends in school, so it’ll be nice to see as many of you take part in this as possible so that you can see your friends on the video. Share the message of the video to them and encourage them to take part.


We hope you have enjoyed this topic of Ancient Egypt and we look forward to your video messages.


We have also give you some word searches and puzzle pages to work on this week based on Ancient Egypt. The link below will also take you to an online quiz. Have some fun! J

Try your hand at completing this tomb adventure. Click on the picture to be taken to the game.