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Topic - Ancient Egypt

Topic Focus 01.06.20

Pyramids and Pharaohs


This week we’d like to focus on looking at The Pyramids in Egypt and Pharaohs.


Focus 1 – The Pyramids

The Pyramids are one of the most famous landmarks around the world and every year, people travel to Egypt to see the pyramids. It’s amazing that these structures that were built so long ago are still standing in the middle of the desert. The largest Egyptian pyramid ever built was Pharaoh Khufu’s Great Pyramid of Giza. It is made from over two million stone blocks. The Great Pyramid of Giza is also so special as it is guarded by a sphinx. A sphinx is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human. It is chiselled from limestone and has the face of Pharaoh Khafre.

The building of the pyramids was a very complex and back-breaking task, especially in the heat of the sun. Watch the following clips which give you a little insight into the building of the pyramids.

But how did they get them so accurate? Watch and find out.


hhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/ztmxpv4 and https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zp6tsbk

Now have a look at the following PPTs which give you a little more information about the pyramids in Egypt. They were full of mysteries and trap doors and things were not always as they seemed. The short animated film should hopefully make you giggle. There is a worksheet you can complete if you'd like to.

The Egyptian Pyramids - Funny Animated Short Film (Full HD)

Cairo, 1920, an archaeologist is about to discover the secret of the Egyptian Pyramids... Directed by : Corentin Charron, Lise Corriol, Olivier Lafay, Nicola...

Pyramid Task


Your first task for this week is to try and make your own pyramid. There are a range of options open to you. You could make a model of a pyramid (Using Lego, sugar cubes etc.), draw a picture of The Great Pyramid at Giza and The Sphinx or for all you ‘minecrafters’ out there…could you make a pyramid or pyramids on Minecraft? Don’t forget to show your teacher what you’ve been up to. Mrs Boyd and Mrs Drysdale had some helpers who created the following.

Can you create some Egyptain pyramids?

Focus 2 – Pharaohs


We know from our work on Society in Ancient Egypt that Pharaoh was the most important person in Egypt. Pharaohs were the king or Queen of Egypt. Most pharaohs were men but some well-known pharaohs, such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra, were women.

A Pharaoh was the most important and powerful person in the kingdom. He was the head of the government and high priest of every temple. The people of Egypt considered the pharaoh to be a half-man, half-god. The Pharaoh owned all of Egypt. Have a look at the following PPTs and use the link to find out all about famous Egyptian Pharaohs.


The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

In this episode of Garner It, you can explore the three ancient kingdoms of Egypt - the old, middle & new. Learn about the Pharaoh Khufu and the giant pyrami...

Do you think you would have liked to be Pharaoh? Pharaoh made the rules and everyone had to stick by them or they got in ‘BIG’ trouble. If you’d like to, have a go at these worksheets.



The most famous Egyptian pharaoh today is, without doubt, Tutankhamun. He became pharaoh at the tender age of nine in 1337 BC. Some of you are 9 years old…imagine being Pharaoh of a country at 9 years old? Do you think this is a job you could have done? There are different variations of the spelling of Tutankhamun. It can be spelt as Tutankhamon or Tutankhamen and he was known as ‘the boy king’ for obvious reasons. Read some more facts about ‘King Tut’ using the links below.


https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/discover/history/egypt/tutankhamun-facts/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zg87xnb/articles/zvmkhbk/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/z8j76sg


The reason that Tutankhamun is so well known today is that his tomb, containing fabulous treasures, was found early this century (1922) by British archaeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon. You also have a comprehension based on this in your Literacy work.

Discovery of the Tutankhamun Tomb

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The Discovery of KING TUT | The Antechamber

In November 1922, after five years of searching, Howard Carter and his patron Lord Carnarvon finally discovered the last resting place of Tutankhamun. His to...

The Discovery of KING TUT | The Burial Chamber and Treasury

In November 1922, after five years of searching, Howard Carter and his patron Lord Carnarvon finally discovered the last resting place of Tutankhamun. His to...

The Discovery of KING TUT | The Gold Mask

The gold mask of Tutankhamun is recognized as one of the world's most famous works of art. Made of solid gold and weighing some 25 pounds, it's a masterpiece...

Creative Art Lesson


Pharaohs always had a very special death mask when they were buried. These were always brightly coloured and patterned. Can you design your own death mask? Or perhaps you’d like to try and draw your own Tutankhamun mask? There are a few tutorials below which may help you out, or you could use an empty cereal box to recreate some of the masks pictured below?



Can you make an Egyptian death mask?