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Topic Lesson 1

Labelling the different parts of a spider

Use the labels given and write them in the correct box. Then you can colour your spider in. Or you could draw out a spider in your work book and add the labels to your own picture.


Topic Lesson 2


Spider board game

All you will need is some counters and a dice. Have a go and see who can complete the game first!


Topic Lesson 3

Differences in Minibeast Characteristics

Complete the activity by comparing the characteristics of snails, spiders and butterflies. Be careful look closely at each minibeast to see what is special about each individual bug.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Topic Lesson 4

Art - Create your own spider web

Draw your spider web with a white crayon, then paint over the top of your web. When painting over the top you will need to mix your paint with a little water to make the paint runny. You should then be able to see your web appearing... just like magic!

Have a look below for some examples to give you some inspiration.

Picture 1
Picture 2