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Topic Lesson 1

Make a minibeast out of sticks and for an extra challenge why don't you try and make it symmetrical (exactly the same on both sides)

Have a look at some of the pictures below for inspiration, you can try and recreate one of these or even better, you could make up your own!

Topic Lesson 2

Watch the video below of Minibeast Adventures with Jess, pay close attention between 21:25 and 26:37 as Jess hunts for bees and tells us more about bees. You could use some of the information in this video to help you with your bee fact file.

Minibeast Adventure with Jess - Buzzy Bees | Bugs for Kids

Learn all about buzzy bees and other insects in this compilation of Minibeast Adventures with Jess

Topic Lesson 3

Create your own Superbug

Use the link below and choose a body, head and legs for your bug and then you can choose two super powers, to give your bug special abilities!

Don't forget to give your bug a name as well. I would love to see some of the finished bugs, you could screenshot your final creations. You are not limited to making one bug, make as many different combinations as you can. Have fun!