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This is our first week of our new topic Minibeasts. For our topic challenge this week we are going to use the work of two artists to inspire us.

The first artist is an artist who produced art a number of years ago and he was called Wassily Kandinsky, he was a Russian painter who loved using shapes and colours in his work.

We are also going to look at the work of a local artist from Northern Ireland called Dawn Crothers.


Even though these artists have worked during very different times we are going to use their work to help us make our own snail art. They both use shapes and colours in their work.

Have a look at the images from the artists below and your challenge is to paint/draw/colour using whatever you have at home and make your own snail.


Please send through any of your snail art as I would love to see it and post it here on the website for others to enjoy!

Kandinsky -Circles

Dawn Crothers - Snail Art