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Lesson 1 - P.E

Snow Dice and Skate around the pond

Have a go at these exercise games to get you up and moving! Have fun everyone!

Lesson 2 

Titanic portholes


A porthole is a small window on a ship.

Using the paper plate in your pack, colour in the outside of the plate and draw an underwater scene in the middle. We can't wait to see how creative everyone is!

Lesson 3

Titanic Timeline

Order the events in chronological order from when the Titanic was first being built to when it sank. You can cut and stick each event into your book in the correct order.

Lesson 4

Titanic Packing for the Journey

If you could only take one suitcase with you on the journey, what would you choose to pack? Think of all the important things you might need and draw them into the suitcase.


Lesson 5

Seesaw Activity

3D shape sort

Sort the household items into the correct column to match each 3D shape!