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Topic Lesson 1

Minibeast Spotting

Go on a minibeast hunt and record as many different minibeasts as you can. You could do this in your garden or if you are out for a walk.


Topic Lesson 2

Minibeast pairs game

Cut out the cards, mx them up and lay them face down. Turn over two at a time, if they match, you can keep them as a pair. The winner is the player at the end with the most pairs! Good Luck!


Topic Lesson 3

Minibeast Crossword

Answer the clues and fill in the crossword. Be careful to write your answer in the correct place.


We sadly missed Sports Day this year - it is one of my favourite days of the school year. Have a look at the suggested activities in your pack. Why don't you try a different activity each day. Remember to try your best and have fun!