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Topic Lesson 1


We have made lots of minibeasts over the last few weeks.

Here is another chance for you to be creative.

Draw your own minibeast and complete each section to

explain the details about your very own minibeast!


Topic Lesson 2

Junk Art

Try to make your minibeast that you designed yesterday (or another one of your choice) from junk materials from around your house. Make sure you ask an adult before using anything! Remember to send me any photos of your creations, I would really love to see them!


Here are a few ideas for some inspiration.

Topic Lesson 3

Listen to the song, "The Ugly Bug Ball"

Make up your own minibeast dance, think about all the different ways a minibeast can move. Be as creative as you can!


The Ugly Bug Ball

Topic Lesson 4

QR Codes

You will need to download a QR reader app for this activity (hopefully everyone managed this successfully last week)

Match the minibeast to their home and then scan the QR code to check and see if you were correct!