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Thursday 18th

Literacy- Riddles

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Can you use turn the negative qualities of the object into positives? Try to think of alternative uses for the treasure. Instead of: It is full of holes that let water drip through. Try: It is dotted with a pattern of holes that let the sun’s rays shine through. or It is peppered with holes that let a sparkling waterfall trickle gently through.


Clue about the object

Adjectives or nouns

Actions or verbs linked to the object

Phrase or short description

Who am I?



Full of sugar

Rich, creamy and smooth

Melting, oozing, crumbling

Children lick me off sticky fingers

Who am I?


Dotted like paint in fields

Grass chewing, grounded clouds

Stubborn, stinky and staring

Spread out like a white carpet

Who am I?


Always keeping count

Round and ordered with three hands

Spinning, ticking, turning

When you want me to speed up, I seem to slow down

Who am I?

Numeracy - Weight Investigation

Task 1



  • Find different 5 items ranging from heavy to light.

  • Find an item with a weight of 1kg (kilogram)

  • Place the items in order from lightest to heaviest using your estimation skills.

  • Now, test if you were correct by weighing the items using scales.



Which container had the closest capacity to ½ kg (500grams).


Which container had the closest capacity to ¼ kg (250 grams).


Task 2 


Weigh the contents of your bin. Remove any itmes which could be recycled. Weigh the remaining contents. What weight of waste could you have saved from going to landfill? 


P.E - Let's get outdoors