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Thursday 11th


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Poster


Don't forget to include;

  • a bold slogan
  • powerful words
  • a question
  • something you would like people to do


Complete your planning sheet and then design your final poster on the piece of paper in your pack

Numeracy- Calendar Work

Answer the questions by reading the family calendar and Bin collection dates.

Clocks and calendars | Maths - Round the Clock

Using a calendar | Maths - Let's do Maths

P.E. -

Recycle Games

These games can be played on your own or with your family.

Trash Can Race

Set up five recycling items in an obstacle course. Each player runs the course, weaving in and out around the cans. When each player reaches the last recycling item, he or she turns around and weaves back to the start. Can you beat your time each run or can you add harder obstacles in?

Bottle Bowling

Set up bowling pins made from 2-litre bottles or other same sized bottles. Can you get all the pins down with a ball?

Tip: Put some water in the bottom of the bottles; the pins will still be easy to bowl down, but the bottles won't fall as easily as they would if there was no water in them.

Putt for Points

Paint or draw a point value on a can (other recycling item)

Suggestions: Paint the number 5 on one can, the number 10 on another, 15 on a third, 20 on a fourth, and 50 on the fifth.Set up the cans in a row. Give each player three balls and three chances to accumulate points.

Tumbling Towers

This activity can be done one player at a time. Provide a recycle bin full of clean cans (for example, soft drink cans). At a signal, players have 2 minutes to stack the cans one on top of another. The player who builds the tallest tower in this stacking competition.

Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt requires each player to find recyclable items. Make a list of all the recyclable items that the players have to find. You can even assign a time limit for the task.