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Suggested activities

1. Make a fairy garden or dinosaur garden!

Use an old flower pot, seed tray or any plastic tray or box. An alternative to this is to make a dinosaur garden. Use assorted pebbles and stones to decorate, create different hills and mounds and put your plastic dinosaurs in situ!



2. Shooting water into buckets

Set up an area with different size buckets at different distances and make it a challenge and score points depending on who gets the most water in which buckets!


3. Painting stones

You don’t need any special paints, just normal kiddie paints will work fine!


4. Make mud pies

An oldie and a goodie!


5. Take your soft toys outside…

…and take them on an adventure. When they are exhausted from their garden excursions then refuel them (and yourselves!) with a teddy bears picnic! 


6. Make a time capsule and bury in the garden

You can include all different things from pictures, newspaper articles, toys, letters. Obviously make sure nothing is perishable!


7. Nature sketching

Sketch and really study something that interest you. A flower, feather or bird etc. Try to study it up close and draw pictures of all the parts and try to name them all.


8. Chalk gallery

Create a chalk gallery on the ground in your garden or on the pavement. It washes off in the rain so the neighbours can;’t moan. Especially if your artwork is colourful and beautiful! 


9. Skipping games

Can’t beat skipping for hours!


10. Wash the car

Fun and gets a job done!!


11. Toy car wash

If one car isn’t enough, create a car wash for your toy vehicles.


12. Wash your dolls/toys


13. Create your own sports day

You can devise your own races, the schedule and who takes part. You can even make medals and certificates and get your teddies down to cheer you on. If you don’t have much space be creative with the games; to doesn’t have to be running, it can be hooping, hopping or testing your aim games!


14. Obstacle course

You can create obstacles out of so many household and garden items. Just make sure it is age appropriate and safe! Do timed challenges of the course!


15. Make petal perfume

Another nostalgic one! Who did this as a child


16. Paint an old bed sheet


17. Junk modelling

If space allows, make a boat or pirate ship with your junk boxes!


18. Ice cube fun

Create a giant ice cube and filled with small dinosaur toys – the children can make it melt to get to the toys! Or you can put a plastic toy in a food bag, fill with (coloured) water and freeze. Give them a spoon to chisel away at it with.


19. Garden Art

Get an old bedsheet or similar, gather a load of leaves, sticks, twigs and whatever you can find and create a piece of art – simples!