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Recycling is very important for our environment. Some many things we have can be reused and repurposed into something new! Bottle tops could become counters. A plastic bottle could become a sensory bottle, a bubble sock or a shaker. A cardboard roll could become part of a bowling set, a game or even a castle. Newspaper can be used to make hats, papier mache or part of a collage. 


You can use old magazines to make a cut and stick puzzle (cut up a picture and stick back together) or create a collage or a card to send to a friend. 

Hold a recyclable material hunt in the garden - hide recyclable items - children to find them as quickly as possible and place in the recycling bin.

Explore and learn about what the recycling symbol looks like. You could create a collage or picture. Have a look at food packaging and materials in your home. Can you find the symbol anywhere? What kind of materials have the symbol on? 

Help to sort rubbish into the correct bins.

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