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Photos from home-Week 6

Lori finding right angles at home!
I love your right angle monster Lori! Super!
Wow Lori so many facts about worms!
What a wonderful snail Oscar!
Oh Cole, brilliant use of colour on your snail!
Fab phonics Jordan! Super sentences and sorting.
A brilliant worm diagram Jordan.
Very interesting worm facts!
Cutie the right angle monster by Cole.
Super finding right angles Cole.
Another great right angle, well done.
Making chocolate, looks delicious!
Jake has been working hard in school!
Love you beautiful rainbow Jake!
Keeping up with his martial arts online!
Sophie the snail!
Being creative!
Minibeast hunting!
Gorgeous minibeasts Hollie!
Finding right angles!
I love your right angle monster Hollie.
Wonderful worm facts.
Fantastic snail art Jake!
A wonderful worm picture!
I love how hard you worked on your facts Jake!