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Phonics - 'tion'

This week's phonics is a tricky one - the 'tion' sound.  We are so tempted to spell it 'shun', as this is what it sounds like.

The suffixes –tion, -sion, -ssion and –cian all make a ‘shun’ sound.

Certain rules are helpful when choosing the correct ending to put at the end of a root word.


Have a look a the PPT below which may help you out this week. Don't panic - this week's spellings are really tricky. Lots of adults struggle with this sound too. laugh



'Tion' Sound PPT

If you'd like to test some of tips from the PPT, why don't you try playing the following Kahoots? The codes are 02259990 and 06991709. Have fun spelling! laugh