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Numeracy Lesson 1


In numeracy this week we will be thinking about finding the difference between two numbers. This can be found by subtracting the numbers. Finding the difference is when you work out how many numbers lie between the two numbers given.


For example finding the difference between 8 and 5. If you take 5 away from 8 you will be left with 3. So the answer to finding the difference between 8 and 5 is 3.

Finding the difference activities for today:


Listen to find the difference power point.

Complete the finding the difference activity page.

Numeracy Lesson 2

Finding the difference

Continuing on from yesterday with finding the difference as the focus.

Complete finding the difference activity page from your work pack.

Numeracy Lesson 3

Digital time

Digital times, complete each clock by filling in the missing digital time.


Remember there are 60 minutes in one hour, if you are focusing on half past the minutes will always be 30 as this is half of 60 and if you are focusing on quarter past, the minutes will always be 15 as this is a quarter of 60.

Numeracy Lesson 4


Giving change


If I have 30p to spend and I buy an item at 23p. To work out the change I would start at 23p and count up to 30p. This would be 7 jumps, therefore I would receive 7p change.


Calculate the change for each item on your activity sheet. Please remember to use p for pence when working with money.

Numeracy Lesson 5


Subtracting 9

We use our knowledge of taking away 10 to help us. Start by taking away 10 and then add one back on.

Complete the calculations and then you can have a go at the adding and taking away 9 space race.