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Numeracy Lesson 1

Subtract 9

Again we use our knowledge of taking away 10 to help us.

So start by taking away 10 and then add one back on.

Complete the calculations and then you can have a go at the taking away 9 and 10 game.

Numeracy Lesson 2


Continue to follow each step and work through each sum slowly and together if possible.

Split the numbers into tens and units.

Group the tens numbers. Group the units numbers.

Then add the ten and then the units numbers.

Find your total.

Numeracy Lesson 3

3D shape

Complete the page by writing in the number of faces, corners and edges that each shape has. Then you can build a 3D shape of your choice.

Numeracy Lesson 4

3D shape Valentine’s Day box

Decorate the net of the cube, you can use some of the hearts to stick on or draw your own design.

Then cut out the net and glue the sides together. Leave it to dry and then give it to someone in your family for Valentine’s day.

Numeracy Lesson 5 

Heart symmetry. Have a go at making the hearts symmetrical. This activity is harder than you think because both sides need to be the same on each heart. Have fun!

Watch the video below to revise what symmetry is!

Intro to Symmetry: All About Symmetry for Kids