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Numeracy Lesson 1

Partitioning with adding

A chance to have another go at partitioning and adding tens and units numbers.

Remember to write out the sum.

Partition each tens and units number.

Group the tens numbers, then group the units numbers.

Add the tens and then add the units and find your total.

Numeracy Lesson 2

Adding 9

To add 9 we use our knowledge of adding first, then we hop back one!

Numeracy Lesson 3

3D Shapes

Can you match the shape to it's name and the description about it?

Cut and stick your work.

Numeracy Lesson 4

3D shape hunt

What 3D shapes can you find around your house? You can draw them in the box or take some photos of them! Have fun!

Numeracy Lesson 5

Adding and subtracting

Complete the two activity sheets to show your super adding and subtracting skills!