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Numeracy Lesson 1

Houses and homes Word Problems

In school we use RUCSAC as a strategy to help us work out word problems step by step.

Follow each step while you are working your way through the word problems.

Numeracy Lesson 2

Time 1/4 past


Think back to splitting your pizzas into quarters, if you visualise the clock like your pizza it will help you to remember quarter past.

In your activity you will need to draw on the clock hands and fill in the digital times.

Numeracy Lesson 3

Doubles and Near Doubles

Complete each calculation and record your answer. Remember the near double is the sum on either side of the double sum.

Have a go at answering the questions from the near doubles power point!

Numeracy Lesson 4


Counting on and back in 10 and multiples of 10. Use your 100 square to check your answers!


Remember to add 10 you jump down one row. To take 10 away you can jump up one row.

Numeracy Lesson 5

Partitioning with adding

This is new, so please do not panic if children find this tricky to begin with, we will be doing lots of work on this, so they will get there.


Step 1 - write out your sum

Step 2 - split the numbers into tens and units

Step 3 - add the tens numbers together

Step 4 - add the units numbers together

Step 5 - find your total


This way of recording uses brackets and this is normally why children view this as tricky.

For example

23 + 42 = 


Step 1 23 + 42 =

Step 2 (20 + 3) + (40 + 2) =

Step 3/4 ( 20 + 40) + (3 + 2) =

Step 5 60 + 5 = 65


Try and record the examples in your work book at home, Take plenty of space to record each step on a new line.