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Numeracy Lesson 1

Doubles and Near Doubles

A near double is the sum on either side of the double.

For example the near doubles of 5 + 5 are 4 + 5 and 5 + 6.

Play Doubling and Near Doubles game. Complete the page with the near doubles.

Have a go at playing Hit the Button to go over your doubles to make sure you know them really well!

Numeracy Lesson 2

Counting on and back in tens.

Play caterpillar counting to get your brain thinking about maths!


Complete your counting on and back in tens activity sheet.

Use your 100 square if you need it. Remember to add on 10 you jump down a row. To take away 10 you jump up one row.

Try and have a go first on your own and use your 100 square to check your answers.



Numeracy Lesson 3

Finding 1/2 and 1/4 of each shape and colour it in. Remember that 1/4 is half of a half!

Numeracy Lesson 4

Finding change

Find the change for each amount. Remember you can use the method of counting on.

Make sure you include the p sign for pence to show that you are working with money.

Have a go at the interactive game, "Till we Meet Again" to practice buying items and working out the change.

Numeracy Lesson 5

House Value

This is a problem solving activity that extends the skills you used last week to complete The House Puzzle. Work out the value of each different type of house and the value of the boxes on the outsude of the grid.

Good luck boys and girls!