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Numeracy lesson 1

Measuring using cm or m?

Watch the YouTube video to see what tools we can use for measuring and why we need them. After you have watched the video have a go at sorting the objects from the page below into whether we would measure them in cm or m. If you have a printer you could print the page and cut and stick each item or if not you could split your page into two parts, one for cm and the other for m and draw in a few items.

Measuring Length for Kids | Measuring Tools

Numeracy lesson 2

Measuring length

Have a go at the page below, there are a number of measuring questions for you to complete.

Numeracy lesson 3

Greater than, less than and equal to.

Have a quick watch of the video below so that you know what each symbol means, then you can have a go and the activities below.

The Greater Than Less Than Song

Kids will have fun learning about greater than, less than and equal to with this inequalities song for children.

Numeracy lesson 4

Place Value

Have a go at this White Rose Maths place value activity and see how you get on!

Numeracy Lesson 5

Tables - remember to revise over the tables you already know and move on to the next set! Have a look at the activities below, could you use any of these around your house or even outside to help you with your tables?

Remember I would love to see any work or photographs of you completing the activities!