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Here are three suggested activities linked to your weekly overview for Week 4 (27.04.20) . This week's focus is 'DIRECTION' linking with compass points and grid references/co-ordinates and we have included a few practical activities you'll be able to complete. For the lessons, you'll  have a few worksheets you can complete linked to your Numeracy group. Please make sure you choose the correct activity. You do not need to do all the worksheets for all the groups...just your group. If you need any help or further explanations...please email your teacher. We are only too happy to help. laugh


There are also a few Kahoots you can play this week linked to your work on compass points and co-ordinates. The codes for these are 06655348, 02424671, 05246634 and 06363121.

Numeracy Lesson 1 - Learning the points of the compass

Use this poster to help complete your work this week

Use this poster to help complete your work this week 1

Numeracy Lesson 1 - Creative Extension

Numeracy Lesson 1 - Creative Extension  1

Numeracy Lesson 2 - Compass Points and Turning

You could maybe look over the PPTs from yesterday to remind yourself of the compass points and turning clockwise/right and anti-clockwise/left as you will need this work today. Here are some games you can play before trying today's written work also.





Numeracy Lesson 3 - Logic & Reasoning Activity


Today's activity asks you to use your problem solving skills and strategies to complete a logic and reasoning activity. You need to read the clues given to try and work out where the treasure is hidden. When we complete this task in school, as an extension we usually ask you to make up your own clues for someone else to solve. Perhaps you could print the activity out a second time and make up your own clues for someone at home to solve. It's not as easy as you think to make up your own puzzle, so make sure you've worked it out yourself and read through your clues carefully to make sure they work.


We have also uploaded an extra logic and reasoning activity which is quite tricky and perseverance and careful reading is needed. Perhaps this is something you could work through at home with an older sibling or a parent. You do not have to give it a go...but if you do, we'd love to see your solutions to see if you are right. laugh

Numeracy Lesson 4 - Grid References/Co-ordinates


The final lesson this week looks at grid references and co-ordinates. We have already done a little bit of work on this in P5, so you should already know a little about it. There is one important rule when thinking about both grid references and co-ordinates and it is:

Crawl before you climb!

This means to go along the bottom before going up the side of the grid.

Grid References use letters and numbers. The letters are usually along the bottom and the numbers are up the side, e.g. H2, A8, D4 etc. Co-ordinates use two numbers and brackets but again...the first number is along the bottom and the second number is up the side, e.g. (5,6) or (2,1) etc. Use the PPTs and games we have given you to have a go at practising these before completing your worksheets.


We have uploaded a game you can play with someone at home. You will both need a copy of 'Treasure Locations' page, however one of you will need map A and one will need map B and you have to try to be the first person to find the other person's treasure by guessing where the different items might be. Hopefully this will be quite practical for you to play with someone at home.


Other games you could play our Battleships. You can do this by drawing your own grid on paper (or use your chalk and play outside).