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Here are three suggested activities linked to your weekly overview for Week 3 (20.04.20) . This week's focus is 'CAPACITY' and we have included a few practical activities you'll be able to complete....it may be best to do them outside. For the lessons, you'll  have a few worksheets you can complete linked to your Numeracy group. Please make sure you choose the correct activity. You do not need to do all the worksheets for all the groups...just your group. If you need any help or further explanations...please email your teacher. We are only too happy to help. laugh


There are also some Kahoots you can play up until Friday 24th April at 12 noon. They are quite American, however they should help practise your work on capacity. Also notice the spelling of liter in the American spelling. We spell it litre. The codes for these are 03056707, 03650313 and 01977819. Remember to only play the Kahoot once and use your real name.

Numeracy Lesson 1 - Introduction to capacity and converting ml/l

What is Capacity? | Math | Grade-3 | Tutway |

WhatisCapacity This video explains: What is capacity? What are the units of measuring capacity? Also, explains example questions on capacity? Our videos foc...

Picture 1
Use this second lesson to get to grips with estimating how much certain containers hold and what certain capacities look and feel like. You don't have to complete all the activities but there are some fun things you could do here with your family. laugh