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Numeracy Lesson 1


Make a clock face, cut and stick all of the numbers to complete the clock. Use the split pin to attach the two hands.

Remember the minute hand is the long hand and the hour hand is the short hand. 

Have a go at making some different times for your family!


Numeracy Lesson 2


Order the days of the week on the caterpillar, remember to start with Sunday. Once you have ordered the days, have a look at the calendars and try your best to answer the questions.


Numeracy Lesson 3

Time - 1 minute challenge

Remember 1 minute is 60 seconds

Using a one minute time (either on a phone or maybe a kitchen egg timer) try and complete as many of the challenges as you can. Record how well you did for each one. Try and think of another 3 challenges you could do in 1 minute! Have fun!


Numeracy Lesson 4


What's the time?

Draw on the hands for o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Write in the digital times below.

P3 have not covered quarter to in school as this is something we normally cover in the third term so please try your best to work through this with your child.


Telling Time - Quarter Past and Quarter To

Learn How to Tell Time on a Clock

On analog clocks, children need to learn what the hour hand means, the minute hand means, what time of day it is, and how much time has passed.

The second video goes through reading all times on a clock. In P3 children should be able to read o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times. Once the video has covered reading these times you can pause it. If your child is confident with reading these four times, of course you can go on.