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Numeracy Lesson 1

Giving change at the Toy Shop

Calculate the change you would get if you bought the items with the money shown.

Use the box to show your working out and write the answer in the change box.

Remember when working with money always use the p sign to represent pence.


Numeracy Lesson 2

Money Madness

Greater than, less than or equal to.

Add in the correct symbol between each amount.

Numeracy Lesson 3


Caterpillar coin amounts

Add up the amount in each caterpillar. Then make the amount by drawing your own coins to make the caterpillar body.


Numeracy Lesson 4

Double your money

Write out the sum to double the coins, follow the example in number one. Then write what the total amount adds up to. Again, remember to use the p sign for pence when working with money.