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Numeracy Lesson 1

Decision Trees

Answer the questions on the decision trees and cut out the animals/insects and put them in the correct place.

Numeracy Lesson 2

Problem Solving - Money

What can you buy with either 20p or 50p (you can choose your level) Try and make as many different options of what you could buy with either 20p or 50p. Record your options in your work book. You could also write out the change you would have!


Numeracy Lesson 3

Money - Minibeast Shop

Buy the suggested minibeasts, work out the cost and how much change you would have left from either 20p, 50p or £1.

You could also come up with some of your own minibeast combinations and work out the cost and change for those too.

Numeracy Lesson 4


Money - giving change

Calculate the change you would get if you bought the items with the money shown. Use the box to show your working out and write the answer in the change box. Please remember when working with money to use the p sign for pence.


Numeracy Lesson 5

Venn Diagram

Insects vs.Spiders - Watch the video clip for ideas on differences and similarities. Write down in the Venn diagram characteristics for insects only, spiders only and any that they share can go in the middle of the diagram. 

Insects and arachnids for kids - Differences And Similarities