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Numeracy Lesson 1


Study Ladder activities - Comparing Length

1 - Directly compare length - (Longer, shorter)

2 - Compare the length of 3 things


Task to complete around the house

* Find 10 items and order them from shortest to longest *

You could take a photo of your items in order and send it to me, I would love to see how you are getting on!

Numeracy Lesson 2


Length - measuring items with your handspan

Choose an object, make an estimate/guess how many handspans and then measure to check.

Examples that you could measure: table, chair, bed, rug, fridge etc.

Numeracy lesson 3


Length - measure with your feet

Remember to make an estimate/guess and then measure with your feet to check.

Examples of what you could measure, length of your back garden, the hall, your bedroom etc.

Numeracy Lesson 4


Length - Measuring using informal units

Study Ladder tasks

1 - Measure length using informal units - blocks

2 - Measuring length (informal units)

3 - Measuring length using informal units

4 - Measuring using informal units


* Tasks to complete at home*

Numeracy Lesson 5


Length - Centimeters (cm)

Study Ladder activities

1 - Order or compare objects/shapes based on informal measurements

2 - What is a cm

3 - Estimate length in cm

4 - Compare length - graph


Task to complete around the house

* Choose a range of items from around the house and measure them using a ruler. Remember to line up the start of the ruler with the start of the object. *



You were given all of the tables for the rest of the year in your work pack, please keep going over these and completing them at your own pace!