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Numeracy Lesson 1

Ladybird Doubles

Look at the ladybirds and count the spots to work out the answer to the doubles. Next, answer the questions for each double... why don't you give this a go without counting the spots and then when you have decided on your answer you could count the spots to check and see if you are correct. The third page you have to look at the ladybirds and write out the double sums.

Once you have completed this have a go at both the doubling and halving Hit the Button games linked below.

Numeracy Lesson 2

Butterfly addition to 20

Have a go at adding up each sum and colour in each section either orange, yellow, brown or blue.

Numeracy Lesson 3

Minibeast bar graph

Create your own bar graph using the information given at the top of the page. For each minibeast you colour in one rectangle on the bar graph in the column for that minibeast.

Once you have completed the bar graph try and answer the following questions.



Which minibeast is the most common?

Which minibeast is the least common?

Are there any minibeasts with an equal amount?

What is the difference between the snails and the ladybirds?

How many more woodlouse are there than spiders?

How many less spiders are there than snails?

Numeracy Lesson 4

Minibeast Maths Hunt

Print out or draw out the clue cards. (Black clue cards more advanced, purple clue cards similar but with slightly less advanced calculations) Choose your own level.

Hide the 10 clue cards around the house or if it's a nice day, hide them around the garden.

Print or draw out the answer sheet.

Now it's time to start the hunt to solve the clues!


Once a clue (calculation) is solved this will give your child a number as their answer. They need to use this number and find the matching letter for it on their answer sheet. When the correct letter has been found you record it underneath the minibeast picture that was on the clue card. e.g. if the clue has a picture of a butterfly you write the letter under the picture of the butterfly.

Once all 10 clues are solved this will spell out the name of a minibeast! Good luck and have fun hunting!