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Numeracy Lesson 1

Capacity activities 

1. Watch the video below on Volume and Capacity.

2. Look through the cards and work out which item holds more or less.

3. Cut and stick (or draw out) the pictures to match the capacity labels.

Volume and Capacity

This video looks at some vocabulary relating to Volume and Capacity.

Numeracy Lesson 2

Practical lesson

Estimate how many cups of water you can fit in each container.

Using the examples given on the activity sheet (or you can use your own that you have at home)

Choose your containers, make an estimate (guess) of how many cups each container will hold. Record your estimation and then measure to find the answer.

Remember to use the same cup to measure each item.

Numeracy Lesson 3

Milliliters and Litres

Watch the video above about litres and millilitres. Complete the activity below - Capacity to 1 litre.

Fill a jug to 1 litre. Choose items to fill or use the examples suggested on the sheet, if you have them around the house.

Estimate how many times you could fill each item using just 1 litre. Then measure to get your answer. Remember if your estimations are not quite correct, this is ok, just try to make it more accurate as you go further through the activity.

Numeracy Lesson 4

Measuring less than, equal to or greater than one litre.

Choose your own items around the house to measure and record them in the table provided (or draw out the table in your work book). Using a jug that is one litre, measure each item that you have chosen, then decide which category it fits into, is it less than one litre, equal to a litre or greater than one litre. Once you have decided, record your answer by ticking the correct box. Have fun measuring!

Numeracy Lesson 5

Creating your own litre man!

Using the bottles on the page provided, your task is to make a litre man. The biggest bottle equals one litre and must be used as the body. Your litre man must have two arms and two legs, using the rest of the bottles make your litre man. Remember each body part has to add up to one litre - think about how you can make one litre using 1/2 and 1/4 litre bottles.

I would love to see your finished litre men - so remember to take a photo and send them through so that I can display them on the website.

Good Luck!


Once you have completed your litre man have a go at the interactive capacity game, linked below.