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Numeracy lesson 1

Rounding to the nearest 10

You can either round a number up or down, if the number ends in a 4 or less you round it down, if it ends in a 5 or more you round it up to the next ten.

Watch the video and have a go at the activity attached below.

Rounding to the Nearest Ten

Picture 1 Try and remember the rhyme.

Numeracy lesson 2

Rounding to the nearest 10

Have a go at the Rounding Rockets game and then have a go at the Rounding garages activity. Be careful, the garages are not in order at the bottom of the page for sorting.

Numeracy lesson 3

Rounding to the nearest 10

You will need some colouring pencils or crayons for this activity. Colour in the rounded numbers to match the colour of the 10 you are rounding it to.

Picture 1 You can use the rounding chart to help you!

Numeracy lesson 4

Rounding to the nearest 10p

You can also use your rounding skills when you are out shopping and need to pay for items. Have a go at rounding to the nearest 10p. Remember to include the p for pence when you are working with money.

Numeracy lesson 5

Right angles

Watch the video explaining what a right is. Then cut out/or draw and colour in your own right angle monster. Try and find some right angles around your house. I would love to see photographs of you hunting for right angles... remember you can look in the house or in your garden outside.

Right Angles

Don't forget to continue revising over your tables this week! Keep practising your adding and taking away!