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  Number Work

  Focus -Times tables x3/ ÷3

  • Play the following online games and then complete the multiplication and division workbook below. Don't forget to watch the videos on our class page linked to 3x tables.
  • Start where you are comfortable but try to challenge yourself too.
    (There is no expectation that all children complete all times tables. We understand that not all children will be working at the same level).

                Symmetry Videos

Watch the videos below and then login to Studyladder to complete your set activities.


Symmetry for Kids

Song: Greg Percy - Symmetry (I'm Beside Myself)

Tangram Funcool


Tangram is very simple to play. First, you need access to the tans themselves.

Print out the template linked below, or use a tangram app or follow the instructions linked below to draw your own.

Next, arrange the shapes to make silhouettes or outlines.


The tangram rules are just as simple.

  • The pieces must all be connected
  • They must be flat
  • No pieces may overlap
  • The shapes may also be rotated and/or flipped to form the shape.
  • All seven shapes must be used

Tangram Template

Now try these

Let's get Creative. Now think all things WW2. Could you build any of the images below?