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Numeracy lesson 1 


Help the knight make totals to 20p, 50p and £1. You can choose your own level or complete them all!

Numeracy lesson 2

Interactive game "Till we meet Again"

Have a go at being the shopkeeper.

Numeracy lesson 3

Finding change.

Remember to use the strategy of counting on to work out change.

For examples I have 20p to spend, I want to buy an apple that costs 16p.

Start at 16p and count the number of jumps it takes you to get to 20p... 4 jumps so therefore your change would be 4p.

Always remember to use the p sign to show that you are working in pence.

Numeracy Lesson 4

Interactive games 


Topmarks - Toyshop money - give the exact money to buy the toy.


Cashing in - choose coins to make specific sums of money.

Numeracy lesson 5


Continue to revise over previous tables and complete your next new set.